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Sheridan, WY

Updated: Oct 18, 2021

We spent a great week in Sherdan, a small western town with great parks, beautiful scenery, very nice people and a new YMCA. It also has a cool and active Main Street and our weather was amazing!!

Morning runs in Sheridan.

Great fun all around Sheridan.

We found the best coffee roaster in the west - bare none.

Donuts at The Sheridan Donut Company - top 10 ever!

Drinks and Dinner at Smith Alley Brewing Company - highly recommended. Honestly, we drank and ate their multiple times this week. Stacey's Mom is a great local brew! "Dad Beer" and Pineapple Mojito were awesome too.

Also found great treats at the Chocolate Tree. Yes, Sheridan has everything one needs to thrive.

Downtown Sheridan

Thursday in Sheridan!

Hiked nearby Tongue River Canyon

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