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Seattle to Disney World by way of Northern Idaho and Glacier National Park

First stop Coeur d'Alene ID

Stayed in a beautiful Airbnb and swam in the lake both days!

Columbia Falls and Whitefish at the entrance of Glacier National Park

After Coeur d'Alene, we drove to the west entrance of Glacier National Park, and we stayed in a very cool Airbnb that looked just like an old west town. There was tracing post, a hotel, a salon and a jail - we stayed in jail!

We also visited Whitefish for a quick dinner by the lake and, of course a swim. Whitefish Lake is very nice and highly recommended.

Picnic by Whitefish Lake

We happened to experience the Whitefish High School scavenger hunt.

We got up early to enter Glacier National Park and drive the Road to the Sun. We hiked to Avalanche Lake.

Park entrance, Lake McDonald and hike to Avalanche Lake.

Avalanche Lake

Jennifer getting the perfect angle!

The Road to the Sun!!

Back on the road - next stop Bozeman MT (again).

In Bozeman - a quick run in Lindley Park, a bike ride to the "M" and then right back at Glen Lake in Bozeman for a swim and coffee from Wild Joe's!

Off again - next stop Spearfish Canyon

Next stop Sioux City

Columbia MO, thru St Louis, thru Nashville with a cool stop in Macon GA.


On the road

Macon GA

Off to Orlando - Disney World!

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