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North Dakota - Race 44 out of 50

Updated: Oct 18, 2021

July 2 -- Arrived in Bismarck, ND

Stayed the night - race day is early in the morning on July 3rd at Dickinson State University - 90 miles west of Bismarck.

Visited Keelboat Park - near the Missouri River a historic Lewis and Clark site!

Amusement park at Keelboat Park

Race day - 44th state - Dickinson State University

Outside the Dickinson Rec Center at Dickinson State University - we swam after our race. What a great center. We also met Colten Hickok, nephew 4th generation removed of Wild Bill Hickok - a lifeguard and a history student at DSU. He gave us a suggestion to visit the town of Deadwood, which we will.

Off to Spearfish, Lead and Deadwood, SD for our next race 45th state!

On route we stopped off at a local wedding, a little different than the weddings we're used to.

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