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Cody, WY

Updated: Oct 23, 2021

We traveled slightly further west to Cody, WY.

On the road to Cody

Wandered upon a moose!

Found some old-time candy at Brandie's Candy.

Cody is a bit larger than Sheridan and a very cool old west town.

First stop, of course, is the Paul Stock Aquatic Center -- Jennifer's home for the next week.

Jennifer met friends and taught several yoga classes throughout the week while Rick worked at the local house.

Beck Lake Park

Shoshone River Trail - beautiful crushed stone trail. Tons of wildlife including pronghorn, white pelicans, lots of deer, birds and rabbits.

Biked along the country roads with very little traffic.

Took a day trip to Buffalo Bill Dam. Outstanding views.

Buffalo Bill's Center of the West

Friday night we ran in the Cody Beer Mile. This is our 46th state on our quest for 50!

Chugged four White Claw - one each lap. Jennifer out-chugged Rick and finished 1st!!

We watched the relay race, which would have been a much better option. Finished the festivities by watching the cheese steak eating contest. These people were pros!

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