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Bozeman to Idaho Falls with a stop in Yellowstone!

Updated: Oct 23, 2021

Left Bozeman in the AM but first one last 3 mile trail run in Lindley Park, followed by coffee at Wild Joe's (love that place) and then a swim in Glen Lake.

A swim coach told us to stop at a green bridge just outside of Blue Sky, suggesting we jump off. When asked if it was wise, Rick said no, but Jennifer overruled!!

Coffee and a bite to eat at Big Sky.

We were going to pass on Yellowstone since we visited before ... however a quick search revealed a cancellation at the Old Faithful Inn.

We went in the west gate at Yellowstone. Highlights included floating in the hot springs creek, watching Old Faithful, visiting the Grand Prismatic Spring and seeing a lot of wildlife - especially Elk.

We stayed two nights in Idaho Falls. Woke early for a bike ride to check out the area. Nice bike path. We went for a long walk by the falls. Jennifer swam at the local rec center. We went back to the park and played cards all night.

Day two we had a great run circling the falls in the morning. Rick worked at the Airbnb and Jennifer went back to the rec center and Jiffy Lube!!

Off to Sun Valley.

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