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Bozeman, MT

Updated: Oct 23, 2021

We're excited for our week in Bozeman. We checked into our Airbnb. It is a beautiful house and only six blocks from Main Street.

Morning trail runs in Lindley Park.

Bike ride near Three Forks, MT. on the Headwaters Trail System.

Morning runs were through the trails in Lindley Park with a finish at Wild Joe's - second best coffee in the west (slightly behind Bison Union in Sheridan WY).

Open water swimming every day in nearby Glen Lake. We bought inner-tubes for the lake (which will really come in handy later in the trip).

Jennifer also found a community 50 meter pool and was given access to the weight room at Montana State University.

We visited Hyalite Reservoir twice. First night it was 55 degrees and hailing. The second night we floated in our inner-tubes. What a beautiful spot.

Hiked the MSA "M" Trail after work one night. Wow!

Music downtown including CAAMP at Emerson Cultural Center Lawn (a band that originated in Athens, OH). Thursday night was music on Main Street. Friday night was an outdoor concert by Trace Adkins at the Gallatin County Fair!

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