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Boise Idaho

Great Airbnb in downtown Boise 1/2 mile away from Boise State University

We went biking and running every day on the Boise River Greenbelt Trail - 25 miles of paved trails.

A major highlight was floating in our inner-tubes (bought back in Bozeman) down the river. We went EVERY night! There is an outfitter who provides rafts and rides, or you can do it yourself.

First night after work, we drove to Baggley Park to check it out. We ended up inflating our tubes and launching ourselves downstream. 2 1/2 hours later we arrived near BSU. We walked back home and jumped on our bikes to retrieve our car. What a blast!

Rick touched the Blue Turf at Boise State University - a dream come true.

Race day Idaho - State number 48! At the end of the week in Boise, we ran a 5K - the Idaho Bike Alliance race at Julia Davis Park.

Off to Oregon

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